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Authentic Damn Vape Mongrel RDA Rebuildable Dripping Vape Atomizer, 25.4mm / 26mm, with BF Pin + Spare Top Cap

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Dispatches in 7-14 business days Authentic Damn Vape Mongrel RDA is a single coil rebuildable dripping vape atomizer / squonker made in collaboration between Damn Vape & Deuces Jack (Vaping Insider). Flavor-oriented, aiming to provide vaper with a pure flavor experience while bringing a simple coil build experience! The device has several interesting design solutions. Mongrel RDA has a diameter of 25.4mm (stainless steel top cap) or 26mm (glass top cap). The package includes a stainless steel top cap and a glass top cap for personal customization. The glass top cap has an integrated drip tip and two air inlets.
Price: $ 29.99
Discount Price: $ 21.99
Gun Metal
Gun Metal
Matte Black
Matte Black
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The metal top cap uses a movable 810 drip tip and will provide a bit more airflow for those that like a cloudier vape, while still maintaining the great flavor. Mongrel RDA adopts a dual post deck designed for single coil build, with two terminals per post, so it does not matter which way your coils are wrapped. Installing a coil will be as simple as it can be. There are two kinds of screws to fix the coil.

Air enters the coil from the bottom through the center hole. In order to change the airflow to the greatest extent, two different inserts are provided with high wall thickness and top angle. Use full airflow insert to make air flow freely. The use of restricted airflow insert restricts this flow. The insert is pressed in and rotated 90 degrees, and the insert can be installed without tools. In addition, the Damn Vape Mongrel RDA possesses 9.5mm deep juice wells, offering plenty of vaping before dripping is needed. Mongrel RDA has a standard 510 pin and a BF 510 pin, use for squonking mod. Due to the use of airflow solutions, the liquid is supplied through two side openings. The dripping juice capacity reaches 1.5ml.

BrandDamn Vape
ColorBlack,Silver,Gun Metal,Matte Black
Product TypeRebuildable Atomizer
MaterialStainless Steel
Coil RebuildableCoil Rebuildable
Drip TipWith Drip Tip
Thread Type510
AirflowAdjustable Airflow
Coil ReplaceableNon-Replaceable Coil
Package1 x RDA, 1 x One-piece Glass Top Cap, 1 x Stainless Cap, 1 x Full Airflow Insert, 1 x Restricted Airflow Insert, 1 x 810 DT, 1 x BF 510 pin, 1 x Standard 510 pin, 1 x Spare parts bag, 1 x 0.22ohm Fused Clapton Coil, 2 x Organic cotton
Weight40g (1.41oz)
Diameter25.4mm (1 inch)
Depth25.4mm (1 inch)
Height32mm (1.26 inch)
Width25.4mm (1 inch)

More info

510 threading connection

Diameter: 25.4mm (SS) / 26mm (Glass)

Height: 32mm

Material: Stainless steel

Capacity: 1.5ml

Drip tip type: 810

Build deck: Dual post build deck

Deep juice well: 9.5mm

Superior stainless steel construction

Exquisite One-piece Glass top cap

Dual post build deck with 4 terminals

Single coil configuration, easy to build

Ideal for simplified or thicker wire builds

Replaceable airflow inserts: Full / Restricted

Compressed vaporizing chamber: Smooth & Pure flavor

9.5mm deep juice well

810 Drip Tip

Gold-Plated 510 Connection Pin

Squonk Bottom Feeding 510 Pin

Package List:

1 x Mongrel RDA

1 x One-piece Glass Top Cap

1 x Stainless Cap

1 x Full Airflow Insert

1 x Restricted Airflow Insert

1 x 810 DT

1 x BF 510 pin

1 x Standard 510 pin

1 x Spare parts bag (O-rings, screws, Allen key)

1 x 0.22ohm Fused Clapton Coil

2 x Organic cotton

1 x User manual


authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (1)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (3)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (2)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (4)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (7)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-capauthentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (6)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (5)

authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (1)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (2)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (5)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-capauthentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (7)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (8)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (6)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (4)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-silver-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (3)

authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-gun-metal-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (1)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-black-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (8)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-gun-metal-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (2)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-gun-metal-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (5)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-gun-metal-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (3)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-gun-metal-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (8)authentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-gun-metal-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-capauthentic-damn-vape-mongrel-rda-rebuildable-dripping-vape-atomizer-gun-metal-254mm-26mm-with-bf-pin-spare-top-cap (6)

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