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Authentic DAZZLEAF PIEPii 510 Thread Cartridge VV Preheat Battery 1000mAh

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The Authentic DAZZLEAF PIEPii 510 Thread Cartridge VV Preheat Battery 1000mAh  is one of the coolest mini pipe shaped batteries on the market and is compatible with most 510 cartridges. Powered by an internal 1000mAh rechargeable battery, the PIEPii VV Battery is equipped with four variable voltage settings, preheat mode, LED indicator lights, short circuit and overcharging protections.
Price: $ 25.99
Discount Price: $ 19.99
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  • V V & V W Mods  Built-In Battery 

Features & Specifications:
Product Size: 44mm x 27mm x 48mm
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
510 Thread with 14mm Diameter
Top Power Button with side USB-C port
20 Minute Auto Safety Shut-Off
Short-Circuit & Overcharging Protection
Red Light Flashes 3x if there is a Short-Circuit
Four Voltage Settings: 2.4V (Blue) / 3.0V (Green) / 3.6V (White) / 4.2V Red)
Preheat Function at 1.8V for 15 seconds
USB-C Charging Port

Each set contain:
1pc PIEPii VV Cartridge Battery
1pc USB-C Charging Cable
1pc User Manual

How To Use:
Attach Your Favorite 510 Cartridge
Click 5X Rapidly To Turn ON/ OFF
Click 2X To Preheat To 1.8V For 15 Seconds And Then Go For It
Click 3X To Adjust The Voltage From 2.4V(Blue) To 3.0V (Green) To 3.6V (White) To 4.2V (Red)
Auto Heat Shut-Off After 10 Seconds Of Use, The Light Will Flash 5 Times As A Hint

Red light on during charge, then switches to solid green when fully charged.
Low Battery: Red light will flash 8 times as a hint to charge, then enters into standby mode.
The PIEPii should be charged for 1 hour before the first use.

Protection Function:
Short circuit protection: The device will stop working immediately when a short circuit is detected and TOP indicator lights flash 3 times.
Overcharging protection: When your PIEPii is fully charged, it will stop charging to prevent overcharging.
Overheating protection: The PIEPii will pause for about 3 seconds after continuously being heated for 15 seconds. Meanwhile, the TOP indicator light will flash 5 times.

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