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SMOKTech SMOK IPX 80 80W VW Pod Mod + 5.5ml RPM 2 Pod Cartridge Pod Kit, 1~80W, 3000mAh, 5.5ml

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SMOKTech SMOK IPX 80 IPX80 Pod Mod Kit consists of a SMOK IPX 80W VW Pod Mod and a 5.5ml RPM 2 Pod Cartridge. SMOK IPX 80W VW Pod Mod is powered by a built-in 3000mAh battery, providing a long-lasting vape experience with the power range of 1~80W in VW mode. SMOK IPX 80 Pod Mod kit is certified by IPX67, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, making it truly one of the most durable kits on the market and ideal for those who travel with their vaping systems regularly. The charging current of up to 1.4A can quickly replenish the battery power through the Type-C port. With a complete control panel, the hand-held operation is intuitive and convenient.
Price: $ 29.99
Discount Price: $ 25.99  -  29.99
Black Carbon Fiber
Black Carbon Fiber
Fluid Black Grey
Fluid Black Grey
Fluid 7-Color
Fluid 7-Color
SMOKTech SMOK IPX 80 80W VW Pod Mod + 5.5ml RPM 2 Pod Cartridge Pod Kit, 1~80W, 3000mAh, 5.5ml
SMOKTech SMOK IPX 80 80W VW Pod Mod + 5.5ml RPM 2 Pod Cartridge Pod Kit, 1~80W, 3000mAh, 5.5ml
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A range of in-built safety features including overcharge and short circuit protection provides reliability for a long-lasting device. Smok IPX 80 kit also has the function of adjustable airflow control through the air inlet ring on both sides above the device, enabling you to select the required throat hit. SMOK IPX 80 is increased to two rotating airflow control dials to fully control the airflow in and out, dual airflow control mechanism to achieve a wide range of e-cigarette experience, delivering you a harmonious aftertaste from the compact MTL e-cigarette, and a relaxing DTL experience.

SMOK IPX 80 RPM 2 Pod Cartridge holds 5.5ml e-juice capacity with user-friendly side filling system. It is compatible with various coils with a push-pull system for easy replacement, like 0.6ohm DC MTL Coil, 0.16ohm Mesh Coil for MTL or DTL vaping options, especially perfect for the RPM 2 Coil Series.

ColorBlack Carbon Fiber, Grey,Blue,Red,Brown, Fluid Black Grey, Fluid 7-Color
ModelIPX 80
Product TypeVW
Battery Capacity3000mAh
Battery TypeFixed
Power Output1~80W
Variable Wattage (VW)Yes
Charge StyleAC/USB
Package1 x IPX 80 Device (3000mAh), 1 x IPX 80 RPM 2 Pod (5.5ml), 1 x RPM 2 Mesh 0.16ohm Coil, 1 x RPM 2 DC 0.6ohm MTL Coil, 1 x Type-C Cable, 1 x User Manual
Weight130g (4.59oz)
Depth34.8mm (1.37 inch)
Height107mm (4.21 inch)
Width34.5mm (1.36 inch)
Shipping TypeBuilt-in Battery

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3000mAh built-in battery

Variable Wattage: 1~80W

Input Voltage: 3.3~4.2V

Output Voltage: 0.5~4.0V

Charging Voltage: 5V + / - 0.2V

Charging Current: Max 1.4A

Waterproof: IP67

Dustproof & Shockproof

Type-C charging

Overcharge and short circuit protection

Overcharge Current: 2A + / - 0.6A

Over-discharge Voltage: 2.4V + / - 0.05V

SMOK IPX 80 RPM 2 Pod Cartridge

Capacity: 5.5ml

Resistance Range: 0.15~3.0ohm

Side filling system

Push-pull system

Adjustable airflow control

Rotating airflow control dials

Compatible with various coils: RPM 2 Mesh (Not included ) & DC Coil (0.6ohm / 0.16ohm coil included)


authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (4)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (5)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (7)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (6)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (9)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (1)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (10)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55mlauthentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (2)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (3)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-blue-180w-3000mah-55ml (8)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-red-180w-3000mah-55ml (2)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-red-180w-3000mah-55ml (1)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-red-180w-3000mah-55mlauthentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-red-180w-3000mah-55ml (3)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-brown-180w-3000mah-55ml (1)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-brown-180w-3000mah-55mlauthentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-brown-180w-3000mah-55ml (2)authentic-smoktech-smok-ipx-80-80w-vw-pod-mod-55ml-rpm-2-pod-cartridge-pod-system-kit-brown-180w-3000mah-55ml (3)

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