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Best Pipe Blunt 7P V9 Dry Herb Vaporizer Twisty Glass Vape Pen With High Quality

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Twisty Glass Blunts have a metal twist screw that makes loading and unloading cannabis pretty simple. The size of the twist screws create individual chambers that allow you to pack 1.5 grams in a Twisty Glass Blunt.
Price: $ 29.99
Discount Price: $ 15.99
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7P V9 Glass Twisty Blunt Bubbler Kit Dry Herb Vaporizer Smoking Pipe 


1. Newest Design Glass Twisty Blunt Mini for Dry Herb.

2. Big Capacity of dry herb

3. Can be used both ends.


Model                           7P V9 Twisty glass blunt
Material Brass + Glass
Color Black, blue, gold, rainbow
Capacity 1.5 gram
Weight 0.18kg
Size 150*87*32mm
OEM/ODM welcome
Package black gift box
Warranty 6 months
Lead time 1-5 days


How Do You Use a Twisty Glass Blunt?

The process for using a Twisty Glass Blunt is extremely easy

Step 1: Pull the screw out of the glass

Step 2: Fill the glass tube with flower

Step 3: Twist the screw (left) into the glass tube

Step 4: Light that thang and enjoy

When you need to clean your Twisty Glass Blunt, all you have to do is pull the mouthpiece and the twist screw will come out of the glass. Then run the screw and glass through a salt + isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution and voila, you’re ready to get high again.

Packaging including:

1* Twisty Blunt

1* Mouthpiece

1* Glass Tubes

1* Big Brush

1* Small Brush

2* Silicone Caps

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