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ATMAN Hashmate Hashish Vaporizer with Full Melt Hash & Bubble Hash - 420 PARADISE 600mAh

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Designed for smoking hash, the ATMAN Hashmate is an innovative hashish smoking device with Quartz Mouthpiece and Ceramic Chamber. Powered by 600mAh Battery with temperature control system, the ATMAN Hashmate makes smoking become an easy and more enjoyable
Price: $ 79.99
Discount Price: $ 49.99

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As we seen from the name, we can know this vaporizer is designed for smoking hash. ATMAN Hashmate overturning the traditional complicated smoking way, Hashmate makes smoking become an easy and more enjoyable thing. No lighter, No paper, No hand-made joint, you only need click one button then you can get the excellent flavor and enjoy it.


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How to use it:

1. Screw the mouthpiece and load proper hash into the donut ceramic chamber.

2. Click the power button for 5 times to turn the device on  ( 5 times to turn it off)

3. Hold the button and you will notice the LED light will turn to Red which indicate the device starts to heating.

4. It takes 8s to finish heating up, and then you need to keep press the power button to start vape your material. 

5. After smoking 30s, the device will stop working automatically. If you need another inhale, please try the operation again to enjoy it.

Attention: Please keep pressing the power button no matter the device is heating or working

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1. Borosilicate mouthpiece, makes it not easy to be broken  and keep the best flavor of the hash till your mouth.

2. Four clear windows on the tank to see how it work inside, and notice when there is out of material then you

cancatch  up on it.

3. Temperature control system, when the device reaches to the heating time 220 C then it will keep the same temperature in 30s till the device stop working to always keep the best flavor.

4. Pocket size, easy to bring outside and put into pocket or your hand bag without notice.

5. Elegant design, different colors for all people’s choice.


Indication: The LED light will flash 8 times when you hold the button, then you need to charge

Charging: 1.5 hours charging with USB charger

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